Thursday, 26 January 2012

`Free`New Hill Walkers Booklet (B.M.C)

Here's a Really Nice `Free` Book from those wise Folks @ The British Mountaineering Club and a great Introduction for Hill Walkers NEW to the pursuit and yes Hill walkers like there Tech to and we like to connect the dots between Interests and technology.

The British hills offer beauty, challenge and adventure, as well as the opportunity to keep fit and healthy. So it's no wonder that hill walking is such a popular activity, attracting people of all ages. Find out more in this free BMC booklet.
Walking in the uplands requires a collection of skills, including navigation and hazard avoidance. It is important that participants are prepared with some basic equipment and knowledge in order to enjoy hill walking safely.

For those who are relatively or completely new to the activity of hill walking, New Hill Walkers highlights some essential skills you should learn and develop on your trips into the hills and mountains, and provides a reference base of resources for learning the required skills.

The free, 28-page booklet contains chapters on clothing and equipment, navigation, hazards, walking in winter, access and the environment, and emergency procedures.


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