Friday, 27 January 2012

Sony Xperia S has anti-stain shell and fast charge capability

The upcoming Sony Xperia S will feature a couple of features that has not been trumpeted widely so far – a kind of anti-stain shell, in addition to fast charge capability. Recently, it was found out that the phone will come with a special nano coating which is not only dirt repellent, but is also UV Active. Not only that, there is a fast charging ability that comes with the Xperia S, and this translates to charge times being reduced by half the time, where a 10-minute charge is more than enough to ensure the handset is able to see action for at least an hour. 

What do you think of such features being made available on the Xperia S, and would you like to see it as a staple in future smartphones from Sony, and perhaps other smartphone manufacturers?

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