Thursday, 2 February 2012

700,000 Samsung `Galaxy Notes` Sold In South Korea

If Samsung Where Proud To ship 1 Milion Samsung Galaxy Note Phones Globally at the end of last year, the South Korean manufacturer is now announcing that its home market already helped  the phone-maker sell 700,000 units.

 When the Galaxy Note first saw the light of day at IFA in Berlin last year in September the world was both excited and outraged by the huge 5.3-inch. Samsung took a chance on a market segment and it turned out to be quite a winner. The 700,000 units Samsung is proud of in South Korea are sales towards channels and distributors (and not towards end consumers) but the number also contributed to a current market share of 66% of the local LTE market for last month.

With other Networks like AT&T Taking Note of the Notes Strength its no surprise sales are soaring on this great phone.

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