Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Google Voice Now Handles Offline SMS

The end of last year saw Google pouring some of its development muscle into mobile versions of Google Voice finally its development muscle into mobile versions of Google Voice, finally starting to introduce support for MMS messages, and bringing a native version of the App to ios devices.Today, we learn of an update to the Android edition of Google Voice, bringing some more new features along with it.

The big change in Google Voice is support for asynchronous SMS communications. That means that the app is no longer reliant on the current presence of a wireless connection in order to compose and send text messages. Now, when you do so, what you've written will be saved and automatically transferred to the intended recipients once your connection is restored. This mode is only supported when sending an SMS to a single party.

If you're on Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich, you might notice that Google's given the app's user interface design a bit of a refresh. Finally, this update places more opportunities within the app for you to leave Google feedback.

Google Voice is available in the Android Market now.

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