Monday, 13 February 2012

HTC Sense 4.0 Screenshot Gallery From Leaked Endeavor ROM

Thanks to a recent leak we had the opportunity to read about the upcoming HTC Sence 4.0 Custom U.I that will be featured on flagship devices that HTC is believed to launch at this year's MWC. One of these devices, the HTC Endeavor had its ROM leaked just the other day and, with the system dump already achieved, we get to finally see pictures of what the Taiwanese company is preparing on top of Ice Cream Sandwich.

You'll see previews of Sense themes for home screens in portrait and landscape, switching between home screen tabs, favorite contacts, lock screen and its notifications. Sense shortcuts on the bottom of the screen appear to be closer to stock while the notifications on the lock screen -- which still features the famous ring -- seem to be redesigned.

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