Thursday, 9 February 2012

iPad 3 Parts Leak, Some Specs Determined

A new `ipad 3`leak is being reported, this time complete with inner parts and more details about the potential end-specifications.

Obtained from iPatch a U.K. repair shop, the parts showed by c.o.m tell the same story as the leak reported earlier today.

But in addition to leaking the back aluminum shell of the next-generation iPad, iPatch also leaked a flex cable containing the sleep/wake button, the volume buttons, and the mute switch, as well as iPad 3’s microphone, which appears to be different from the one used in the iPad 2.
There’s a good chance Apple wants Siri in the next iPad, and for that, they’ll need a top notch microphone and perhaps even a better processor.

But there’s an even more notable difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, as far as internals are concerned.

Specifically, the Wi-Fi components are completely different in the latest version of Apple’s tablet PC.
 Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be any space for a headphone jack at the bottom of the iPad 3, but there’s an opening for something else there. Perhaps Apple wants to include another port.

Finally, the Cult notes that iPad 3’s rear panel has been designed so that it can house an even bigger battery than the one found inside the iPad 2. The space designated for the logic board also seems to be smaller.

Apple’s third-generation iPad is expected to launch in the coming months. An early March unveiling wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary, and there’s some indication that Apple plans to deploy iOS 5.1 at the beginning of next month.

The Cupertino giant most likely wants to throw in its iPad 3 with a brand new version
of the iOS operating real surprises there.

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