Friday, 3 February 2012

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III to have Liquipel coating?

Before you get too excited, realize one thing – this is a rumor. It comes from one of our sources who has been correct in the past. Thanks to him we knew when the white iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S were going to be launched. In both instances, he was correct. That being said, he informs me of the latest whisperings with a side of caution.
The source is well-placed in one of the UK’s top independent phone retailers. He states that both the next iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III will have Liquipel treatment. The Liquipel coating covers both inside and outside the phones to make it water repellent, making them less susceptible to liquid/moisture damage.
He stated both will have had liquipel treatment as they’ll be altering the wording on insurance.” When I pressed him for the exact changes on the phone insurance documents, he had no more information. Phone insurance altering its coverage in reaction to an unreleased phone isn’t something I’ve come across before in phone info leaks, but, we could be on to something here. However, with liquid and moisture damage being among the top causes of insurance claims, it will need changing in time for a water-proof phone’s launch. Will liquid damage come under the standard warranty for water repellent phones? It could almost certainly come under the exclusions list for treated phones.
We know that HzO, the company behind this technology, has been in deep discussions with major hardware manufacturers, so there could certainly be some truth in this...We will see.

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