Saturday, 4 February 2012

Super Talent Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Works at 1866MHz

Memory maker Super Talent has just announced the introduction of a new line of high- speed DDR3 memory compatible with quad-channel desktop computers.
The Super Talent memory modules will be available both in a kit form and as standalone DDR3 sticks, but no matter the option one choses, all of these feature similar specs with speeds starting at 1600MHz and going up to 1866MHz.

No matter they speed they run at, all the modules come with support for XMP 1.3 profiles, require 1.5V in order to operate and use Super Talent’s special high-profile memory heatspreader which should help the memory modules run cool even when they are overclocked.

Extreme Memory Profile, or XMP for short, is an SPD extension developed by Intel forDDR Dimms to encode high-performance memory timings.

This basically means that users who don't want to spend their time optimizing memory frequencies and timings can simply go into motherboard's BIOS and select one of the XMP profiles saved by the manufacturer to run the kit at its full speed.

“Gamers and enthusiasts already know about Intel’s i7-3960X 6-Core processors and now they are scrambling to find DRAM worthy of their new rig,” said a company rep.

“The Quadra, DDR3 Quad-kits, come in 1600 MHz and 1866 MHz and pairs perfectly with the i7 processors, which now handles 4 channels of memory.

“By fully populating all 8 slots of memory with Super Talent’s 4GB

Dimms,users will experience reduced loading times with all their high-system-requirement programs. Now more time can be spent using a computer than waiting on it.”
Availability and pricing info also wasn’t provided by the maker and a quick Google search also hasn’t returned any results, meaning that these have yet to arrive into retail.

When they will however make their entrance into the market, Super Talent plans to introduce both 8GB and 16GB memory kits.

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