Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello and Welcome To WaVe@4

Hello and Welcome To WaVe@4.

My Name Is David but I'm also known by Nickname `Talas`By Many Friends/Colleagues Within the Consumer/Business Technology World

This New Blog is a way of Showing My thoughts On Technology in all Forms and Lift the Lid on Forthcoming Tech Like 3d Printing,4k and other Emerging Technology which we are involved with.
Its also here to Hopefully show you Innovation in all Forms and To in some cases Review and show you the company's large and small that really put Quality/Innovation and the end user as there first ideals for there products or Services.

`Knowledge, Information and Truth`  are the real ideals to strive for in this world and with this in mind,our site will be free from corporate influence and our thoughts as with our previous (Public) site MPW our thoughts are our own and you can be sure when we tell you something it will be the truth and with people in mind and not company's/corporations or even government's.

So welcome to all Friends,family and New friends.

Hope you Can Join Us..

``Those who have the Privilege to Know Have the Duty To Act``

(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

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