Sunday, 22 January 2012

What Happened to

Well but simply we got to busy with work in other areas..M.P.W was set up as a way to prove that you could do a tech website with a tiny outlay,no search engine advertising and in fact no advertising at all..But still make it a success.

And indeed it was a great success in many areas and before we got busy in other areas we where getting  more than 4 Million hits a Month and over 200,000 Dedicated Watchers with a few thousand Forum Members to boot...not bad for a site just over a year old.

We where lucky that we had great members,readers and Moderators who helped to push media players into the mainstream,showed NAS as a viable solution,the Birth Of tablets and the range of possibility's to come and much more tech from across the globe.
More than 200 company's where involved from the largest in there field to start ups hopeing to bring there ideas to the world.

Id like to thank John a good Friend and  who is very successfully showing his true colours in the world of Signage and ascending the ladder quickly which i new he would,his help in graphics/Design/Ideas @MPW helped in the sites take up and success.
Another Thank you to `Pistol Pete`for connections,Advice and being a real member of the Team whose help was invaluable.

Thank you to all Our twitter Followers at TalasWorldTech and Elsewhere.
To all MY friends @ Infinty,Perceus,T.E.N For convincing me to go Public and do a blog.

Thank you also to members and Readers and i hope you'll Join us here on our New Journey.


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