Monday, 23 January 2012

Why You All Will Want A Slice Of ...Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry PI ? how about a $25 Broadcom ARM11  Powered Desktop P.C Interested now...
well Initially the idea behind Raspberry Pi was to produce a tiny Ultra cheap P.C for schools and still is its primary aim..but of course threes lots of interest beyond its core aim and many people across the world see the potential of an ultra cheap Linux based P.C for development and indeed a way many family's struggling in these hard times been able to afford a cheap way of having a Desktop P.C for themselves and there children.
The idea behind a tiny and cheap computer for kids came in 2006, when Eben Upton was lecturing and working in admissions at Cambridge University. Eben had noticed a distinct drop in the skills levels of the A Level students applying to read Computer Science in each academic year when he came to interview them.
Eben, having left the university for industry, worked on building prototypes of what has now become the Raspberry Pi in his spare time. By 2008, processors designed for mobile devices were becoming more affordable, and powerful enough to provide excellent multimedia (a Raspberry Pi can play Blu-Ray-quality video) and Eben was ready to finally form a Raspberry Pi board of trustees with friends and colleagues.

And here we are today with a fully fledged device ready to Ship in February sometime there will be two board types A+B And its the B Board that will ship first with Ethernet and priced at $35
with the second batch to be manufactured in the u.k.
More Good news and this will interest media centre fans the Raspberry Pi has friends at XBMC.. Gimli and Davilla from XBMC who have moved things along quickly.. producing the Pi`s Killer App..

Raspberry Pi have been working on there Linux kernel sources into a fit shape to release

You can have a look here

We will keep a close Eye on Raspberry Pi and will bring you news and a review in the near future.
The great news is theres been no pre-order nonsense at Raspberry Pi and when the boards are ready  they'll be advertised on the site as being ready to ship so no disappointment in waiting times you can sign up on the Raspberry page for an email when the device is ready to ship.

Raspberry Pi

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