Friday, 3 February 2012

Apple iTV not likely to make Q2-2012 release

According to Digitimes, industry sources have said that the chances of Apple rolling out their so-called iTV products sometime in Q2 of 2012 have virtually whittled down to non-existent. There were rumors of Apple shopping around for iTV components however, but while we wait for the substantiation of such rumors, Sharp has not shown any signs that they are preparing themselves to ship IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels to Apple, so that itself is a giveaway, says Digitimes.
After all, Apple has been siad to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs. After all, the iTV might just be a direct competitor to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics’ Super OLED and AMLED displays, respectively, that were paraded at the recently concluded CES 2012. Apart from that, yield rates of Sharp’s IGZO panels have also proved to be a major concern, so it might take some time yet before Apple’s iTV hits the market.

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