Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New pre-release BlackBerry 10 OS images surface

Heres some information and Pictures on Blackberrys New ``10 OS ``, outlining some of the OS features and ideas for how to position BlackBerry 10 in future advertising campaigns. BlackBerry 10 Phones may be months away still, but judging by the document it appears the behind-the-scenes work to begin marketing the next-generation of BlackBerry phones is already well under way.
Of course, the best part of the document wasn't what was written, but rather what was shown -- including some juicy OS imagery pointing to some of the things we can potentially expect to see in BlackBerry 10.

On the image below you can see also see the updated icon tray, which features new artwork and icons that are much smarter than those of BlackBerry 7. Note that the Folder icon shows the icons of applications inside, and the Pictures icon shows a photo from the album within. The clock icon even shows the time of the next set alarm. Heck, Cut the Rope, which was recently released for the BlackBerry PlayBook, also made the icon tray (the date of this document is very new, by the way).  
The next image shows off the Universal Inbox, which we've already seen in action  on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. Perhaps the biggest thing to point out here are the names of the people within the email app. For example, a quick Google search for Erica Josefsson will bring you to her Linked in Profile which shows she's part of RIM's User Experience Team based out of Malmo, Sweden. Cleary thedesign work of the Astonishing Tribe is at work here.
The final image shows off a super sexy caller display screen. And note the icon for video chat? Safe to say the front facing camera on BlackBerry 10 phones will be put to use easily.
Put these few images together and things are looking really promising for BlackBerry 10. That of course assumes all of these features pan out to be part of BlackBerry 10 on phones. Looking at the document, I have no doubt that the OS images came from Research In Motion, but looking at the fact it is "partner" material it's always possible that what RIM provides could be different than what RIM will ultimately launch with.
That said, I like what I see, so definitely hope this is a good hint of what we'll see when BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market later in 2012.


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