Thursday, 9 February 2012

Apple's Next iPad Will Not Pack a Quad-Core Processor

Hot on the heels of yesterdays news abot an alleged backcover for the next ipad (call it iPad 2S, iPad 3, iPad HD, really) comes a report claiming that the processor which will be powering the tablet will not be a quad-core one, as previous rumors indicated.

A "Retina" display of 2048x1536 resolution is expected but it seems like A6-chip on the next iPad will be a dual-core one, just like the A5 chip found on the iPad 2 (and the iPhone 4S). However, the sixth generation mobile chip from Apple will most definitely pack a more powerful graphics unit (whether it will be 20 times faster is yet to be seen.

Still, these are just rumors at the moment based on "sources", rumors which might turn out to be true or not. Apple is expected to unveil the next iPad sometime in March, one year after the iPad 2 saw the light of day.

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