Thursday, 9 February 2012

Samsung GT-P3100 Tablet Confirmed By UAProf

The Samsung GT-P3100 recently popped up, accompanied by the GT-P5100, in Wifi Alliance Documents (which have been since then pulled) being referred to in the papers, at the time, as a smartphone. We know we're expecting a monster tablet from Samsung to be unveiled soon but what we don't know is whether one of these codenames can be the upcoming 11.6-incher.

The user agent profile for the GT-P3100 sheds some light on the fact that this one is not going to be the highly anticipated super-tablet, but rather a more lower-end one probably competing with the Kindle Fire. What we can learn from the UAProf is that the Samsung GT-P3100 will have a screen resolution of 1024x600, which corresponds to WSVGA. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 has a screen resolution of 1280x800, which corresponds to WXGA (same as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Galaxy Tab 8.9).

However, the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (P6200) has a 1024x600 WSVGA resolution just like the GT-P3100 which makes us believe that the latter will be a tablet with a screen size maxing out at seven inches.

On the CPU side the UAProf speaks of an ARM11 processor. Samsung's existing ARM11-series chips currently range from 533MHz to 800MHz (and the S3C6410 application processor could be a possible candidate to power the P3100).

Bottom line is that we're likely looking at a budget Android tablet which will be probably targeted against the cheap Kindle Fire (seven-incher, 1024x600 resolution). However, we have less than three weeks to find out whether the South Korean manufacturer will unveil the P3100 at the upcoming MWC and if yes, what will it turn out to be?

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