Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Asus Confirms `Padfone` MWC 2012 Launch

The Asus Padfone, introduced by the manufacturer at the end of may,was initially tipped for a MWC Launch  but now, thanks to Asus itself, we have an official confirmation.
We love the concept Behind the Asus Padphone and think if its marketed at the right price..Asus might have another `PRIME` Success on there hands.

The concept of a smartphone docking deep inside a tablet is appealing and innovative by itself, as are specs like the rumored quad-core nVdia Tegra 3 3 SoC. At the ongoing CES, Asus confirmed, despite having a prototype on display, that the Padfone will be officially unveiled at MWC in Barcelona at the end of February. We'll be there to take a closer look at this hybrid, which will hopefully run Ice Cream Sandwich...its been hinted it will.

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