Thursday, 9 February 2012

Autonome demonstrates a wireless charging concept for all smartphones

Let’s face it, with our smartphones performing a good many tasks for us throughout the day, which means that sometimes we’d be lucky if we can make it through the entire day without the phone dying on us. External battery packs are an answer but that could mean unnecessary bulk and sometimes could mean that we need to bring with us an additional device wherever we go. Well Francois Rybarczyk has thought of that and might have come up with a solution with the HTC Autonome mobile phone concept.
The idea behind the Autonome is that it is a smartphone with an external battery embedded into the device. This gets rid of unnecessary bulk and at the same time will provide users with a backup source of battery should they forget to bring their chargers out with them. The external battery is fitted into the back of the phone (as pictured above) and can be easily slid out. It will also feature its own two-prong AC wall adapter so you will be able to charge your device and the external battery wherever you go.
What do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like to see manufacturers incorporate into phones in the future? And while this is purely on the aesthetic front, how would you feel about the gaping hole in your phone while the external battery is charging?

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