Tuesday, 14 February 2012

GeIL joining the SSD market, introducing the ‘Zenith’

As of today, the SSD market is flooded with great products from experienced manufacturers, names like OCZ, Corsair, Intel and G.Skill do sound familiar. GeIL has been more present in the memory market, yet it is getting up to speed with its competitors with the recent introduction of a new product line called ‘Zenith’.

Coming in two main categories, the Zenith line up currently divides itself into the S2 and S3.
The S2 range of product offers SATA II interface for two different models – 60GB and 120GB – providing read and write speed of 280 and 270 MB/s (respectively).
The S3 range, while not specified, gives away a SATA III interface, meaning we could be looking at read and write speed of around 500 MB/s.
Hank Cheng told KitGuru the following:
“For our Zenith S3 performance products, we only use the very latest Sandforce controllers and these must be supplied with the GOLDEN firmware and original ICs.”
As far as we know, the Zenith S3 range will come in four different model; 60, 120, 240 and 480GB.
As for appearances, the Zenith line of SSD sports a carbon fibre look, with blue lettering for the S2 range and green for the S3.
Pricing still remains unknown, as for availability we should see the Zenith SSDs appear in time for CeBIT in March

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