Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Samsung OLED TV coming to the UK this spring

Samsung's OLED T.V, which blew our tiny minds when we saw it last month at CES, will be heading to the UK soon.
The company has told us we can expect to see the 55-inch 'Super' OLED TV around the spring, though there's no exact date yet.
That's very good news indeed. The OLED monstrosity seriously impressed uswhen we laid our eyes on it  the display tech lends itself to fantastic viewing angles, as well as a colourful picture with impressive contrast.
The TV itself is also very thin -- at CES we heard it measures a little under 8mm thick, which is luxurious indeed, though not quite as slim as the OLED T.V Touted by LG, which is a preposterous 4mm thick. The bezel is very thin as well, with the whole set apparently fashioned from a single pane of glass.
The impression you get from such a skinny set is that the picture appears to be floating in mid-air. We're excited to get Samsung's effort into our testing labs to give it the proper review treatment.
Needless to say, being a new telly you'll get Samsung's active 3D tech. Again, that'll invite comparison with LG's OLED TV, which uses passive 3D tech. With passive 3D, the glasses you use don't need charge or batteries, and are considerably cheaper than the active sort.
Expect Samsung's smart TV offering to be in place as well, giving you apps and on-demand streaming.
As for price, nothing appears confirmed yet, but expect this new tech to cost a pretty penny -- we're thinking thousands of pounds. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

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