Thursday, 9 February 2012

Google+ for Android Update Promises "Massive" Performance Gains

Remember last month, when Google delivered some New features to the mobile version of Google+ but hadn't yet gotten around to updating the smartphone apps themselves? Well, we've yet to see those changes made to the iOS version of Google+, but today they finally come to the Android edition, along with some pretty impressive-sounding improvements of their own.

From that mobile web edition, the What's Hot section has now been added to Google+ for Android, as has the ability to see just which users have been +1ing posts and comments. What we really like the sound of, though, is Google's promise of a much smoother Google+ experience, thanks to what it describes as "massive performance improvements" to the underlying code.

There are a couple tweaks to how streams are shown, now displaying more information on your phone's screen at once, and not automatically flipping back to the top each time something new gets posted. Lastly, you can now sit back and watch an infinite feed of photos pulled from users in your circle

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