Thursday, 9 February 2012

Angry Birds `Birdday Party` hits Android

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Rovio is seriously overdoing the whole Angry Birds she-bang? I mean, PopCap Games could have gone the same route and release expansion pack after expansion pack for Plants vs Zombies – a game that requires far more skill and strategy compared to Angry Birds, and it would have done phenomenally well, but thankfully the did not, leaving me with fond memories of Plants vs Zombies when I completed it and unlocked all the achievements. As for the Angry Birds franchise, the same cannot be said – expansion after expansion rolls out, with no signs of stopping. I stopped after Angry Birds Seasons, how about you?
For those who cannot get enough of our upset avian friends who fly to their doom, the Angry Birds Birdday Party update is now available for the Android platform, after iOS users managed to enjoy it for more than a month already since its December 2011 release on that platform. There are 15 more levels to party around, in addition to new graphics and menu designs.

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