Thursday, 16 February 2012

HP CEO Believes WebOS Could be ``The Open Source`` Answer to the Future

Taking the stage at the HP Global Partner conference in Las Vegas, Meg Whitman, CEO of HP said she believes that with the Google-Motorola deal now in place Android could become a closed source mobile platform.

Meg Whitman reiterated HP's commitment for webOS and reassured everyone that webOS is here to stay for the long run, especially with the platform in need of around four years for its impact to be felt. HP's CEO thinks that a future where Android becomes closed-source will see webOS and its licensees benefitting. However, Google is highly unlikely (read "impossible") to change its buisness model especially now when the Mountain View-based company is proud to have more than 700,000 daily Android activations.

Google will definitely have a strong relationship with Motorola but the now Google-owned phone maker accounts for a relatively small chunk of the Android phone market. Google on the other hand makes a decent living out of mobile ads especially because the adoption rate (by both OEMs and users) is growing, given we're looking at an open-source platform. Google will have to license out its closed-sourced platform in order not to feel the financial impact of such a decision, which we believe is definitely out of the

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