Friday, 6 July 2012

       Buffalo`s New Website Is Like The Company..

If your a Serious Outdoor nut,in any shape or form you must of heard of Buffalo they are a legend not just in the U.K but around the world for the Jackets and Functional outdoor gear.
Beloved by Emergency services to the quality of there products have only increased since there beginning's back in the 70`s and a few of the team here have Buffalo products over many years..These Jackets last for YEARS ,I've had mine for nearly 11 years and only because its fading does it need a replacement.

There New website shows of Buffalo's products with some perfection..indeed it shows how if you build a site carefully around your product and aim it with there Best values,Strength's and a relationship with your customers your sure to have a winner.
Where glad to see Buffalo shows its Products with Such simplicity and integrity that right away you know this is the site for Buffalo products it mirrors them so well.
We will catch up with this great Company later in the year when we launch our New Outdoor/Travel/Adventure website.

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