Monday, 20 February 2012

Sony ST25i Xperia U Pictured Against the LT26i Xperia S

The codenames for upcoming Sony phones seem to all follow the Xperia S model which intially was the LT26i and got unvieled at C.E.S. The Sony SD25i Kumquat was seen last month and, a couple of days later, documents revealed that it might wear the Xperia U name.

However, we didn't see the two Xperia phones side-by-side, that is, until now. In the image above (and lots more at the source link below) you can see the 3.5-inch Xperia U compared to the Xperia S from several angles. At a first glance, the Xperia U seems to be a smaller version of the Xperia S, with a removable battery though. It is expected to pack a 1GHz dual-core processor and a five-megapixel camera, aside from the 3.5-inch FWVGA screen.

While looking at the pictures we can now tell you for sure that the backplate we have recentley seen that for an upcoming Sony device -- is indeed the battery cover of the Xperia U pictured below

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