Friday, 10 February 2012

Sumvision `Cyclone Micro 3` Un-Powered Surprise

Its nice how small ideas become a reality and I'm proud to say the idea of a tiny compact Media-player that was truly portable and could play mkv/h.264 was partially mine and implemented with skill by the team at Sumvision...The Sumvision Micro Was born and has been over the last few years the best selling Media Player`s in the U.K.
It was quickly followed by the Sumvision `Micro 2` and then the Superb `Micro 2+` adding not only U.I and 5.1 but enough hardware changes to satisfy what are bargain prices.

Its nice to see Sumvision still pushing the Medium forward with a Really Excellent U.I,Internal Storage with 8,gb,16,gb,32gb this is a Nice move as you can quickly add files to the Device and not have to worry about an external drive..great if like me your bags get ever fuller with Tech and making things smaller and more compact are a boon if you don't wish to end up feeling like your carrying your weekly shop..Internal storage in a tiny footprint..Micro indeed.

The one thing that really finishes Sumvisions Cyclone Micro 3 of with a flourish is NO POWER SUPPLY NEEDED..yes kids it gets its power direct from any U.S.B so just add to another device and wam it draws its power from there or indeed a U.S.B plug which most homes will have anyway.

This is Currently the Best Value Media Player out there and Yes in 2012 Sumvision has the Micro Edge in this Superbly thought out little player.
With the Price been around the £35-to £40 mark and you can get it from ALL the big Online retailers like Ebuyer,Scan,Misco and Lots more.

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